Slice of India


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On Wednesday tenth July my family and I went to Slice of India! I won it on a raffle prize it was only dinner for 2 but my mum pay me and my little brother was free I tried all of the food it taste wonderful  so as the  pudding it was so spicy the food was but I stilled enjoyed it I should recommend this place to everybody in this school and you readers I give it 10/10 I love it!

My Birthday


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For my birthday I went to the cinema to watch despicaple me 2 with my cousin.It was funny and it made me laugh alot.we had good seats and that ment we had a good veiw of the screen.we went to the cinema in westfield.

book review


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book title:no limits

author:Nicholas Brasch

date start :Thursday 27 june

date fineshed: Friday 28 june

star rating:*****

I like the book because it tells stories of differnt heroic people.I like the story of Annie londonderry because she was the first woman to go all around the world on a bike. I also like jackquline cochran because she was speed queen.She was the first woman to break the sound barrier

My First Holy Communion!!!!


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On Saturday it was my First Holy communion! First my friends and I sang a song called remember me from our Easter play roll back the stone at first I was scared until it wasn’t so bad. After that we had our communion it taste   like cardboard after that it was our party we had lodes of fun and food, I didn’t  have lodes of food because were going to Cosmo a new restaurant in town they had lodes of food I saw my friends there after that I went to my friends house to play for a while we played minecraft in the ipads after that we went to the cinemas to watch man of steel!!! it was really cool when the movie was finish I went home.

Nelson Mandela


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you brought good sponsor ship and you gave your life to the south africans and i feel greatful that i have someone to look up to.

Holiday Plan 2014


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Me, my Mum and my sister  are planning to go to Finland next year! We are looking at cottages in Finland. They have bikes, lakes that you can swim in, you can choose your own room and there is saunas! A sauna is a hot room when you go into a cold lake then go in the sauna, then back to the lake. I have looked up Grove Cottage Blue cottage and loads more! We cant go this year because we don’t have the money but next year we will! My Dad is staying behind to look after our pets, Charlie and Gracie. I am  looking forward to 2014!

dear zuzzana


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Dear zuzzana,

we really miss you.How are you getting on in poland.please send me an email soon

from aksa

RE day.


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Today, Friday 21st June the whole school had an RE day. First in the morning we had a assembly and talked about the stories from the Old Testaurment. I was a tiger and my sister was a  bunny rabbit.

When everyone walkeg back to there classes , my teacher Mrs Kirkland read us a story from the bible called “David and Galieth”. My litrecy group and i acted the story, so did the rest of the class and then it was playtime.

After  playtime the group that we got chosen in had to share their act to the rest of the class. Then a few yr 4 boys drew a portrait of Glieth whilst the other children were drawing God.If you had finished you had to write what you think Galieth said to David when he chose to fight him.  It was time for lunch.

At  1.00 it was time to go upstairs and see what the yr 6 had been doing ,Miss Whithington’s class joined aswell.  When the y 6 finished showing us what they did . A Y1 had to pair up with a y3 and y6. Everyone walked onto the field and had a biscuit. They were delicous biscuits. After that we played a few games and then we went back to our own classes.

The first thing we did when we got back to our class was to tidy the classroom and put the tables in the right place. Finnaly we had a quiz and later was assembly.




Fast and furious 6


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After I went to a restaurant my friend invited me to watch a film called Fast and furious 6 it was so cool I enjoyed the part when they joined a team the bad guys and the good guys.On the other hand I didn’t enjoy when there friend died because its so sad when a person dies I would give it 10 out of 10 I would recommend this book to all of you.

The summer fair


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At the summer fair it was packed with all different people.some of the people were from different secondry schools.  this year they had a merry go round and a bouncy castle . The best thing was the tombola although I won a touch. Me and Lola had to look after Mrs Sheeths children .